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Wood & Thomason Construction Projects

2013 Construction Projects
  • Real Estate Investment Development Office-TI Austin
  • Texas Capitol Bank Office -TI Austin
  • SWBC Insurance Office -TI San Marcos
  • Leisure Resort Meeting Room Addition -San Marcos
  • Clyde Court Duplex Residential -San Marcos
  • Plaza East Commercial Shell -Kyle
  • Henry's Jewelry Retail Remodel -San Marcos
  • Park @Willow Creek Building 3 Three Single Family Town-homes -San Marcos
  • Oak Terrace Office Condos Phase 2 Commercial Shell -Austin
  • People's post, retail -San Marcos
  • Texy nails, salon -Schertz
  • TPS Global Armor Car showroom -Austin
  • 1484 Echols, single family residential -Kyle
  • 885 Ussery,single family residential -Lulling

2012 Construction Projects
  • Park @ Willow Creek Building 2 Three Single Family Town-homes -San Marcos
  • 1104 Mountain View Dr Single Family Residential -San Marcos
  • Plaza East Commercial Shell -Kyle
  • Scaffold Engineering TI Office Space -New Braunfels
  • Rocky Larue's Bar Addition -San Marcos
  • Superfly Retail Remodel -San Marcos
  • First Impressions Bakery Retail Remodel -San Marcos
  • Game Over Retail TI -San Marcos
  • Heart to Heart Hospice Office Space TI -San Marcos
  • Pioneer Bank Historic Building Commercial Remodel -Austin
  • Alpha Delta Pi Commercial Assembly Remodel -San Marcos
  • Oak Terrace Office Condominiums Phase 1 Commercial Shell -Austin
  • Gossett Residence Single Family Residential -San Marcos
  • Josie's Yogurt -San Marcos
  • How Do You Roll Sushi Commercial Remodel -San Marcos
  • Huenergardt Residence Single Family Residential -San Marcos
  • SM Nails Retail TI -San Marcos
  • Corridor Title Remodel TI -San Marcos
  • 2429 Summit Ridge Single Family Remodel -San Marcos
  • 2P's in a Pod & Calli's Retail Addition -San Marcos
  • Advanced Imaging Medical Addition -San Marcos
  • Yeyo's Retail TI -Kyle
  • Partner's Leasing Retail Ti -Kyle

2011 Construction Projects
  • Central Texas Medical Center HR Corridor & Café Main Corridor & Café Entrance Remodel- San Marcos
  • Greater San Marcos Economic Development Corp. Office Finish-Out -San Marcos
  • Exxon Car Repair to Convenience Store Remodel -San Marcos
  • Zelick's Car Repair to Ice House Remodel -San Marcos
  • Alite Laser Hair Removal Office/Procedure Space Remodel -San Marcos
  • 614 Larue Residetial Remodel -San Marcos
  • CPL Medical Exam Finish-Out -New Braunfels
  • Shy Residence Single Family Residential -New Braunfels
  • Park @ Willow Creek Building 1 Four Single Family Townhomes -San Marcos

2010 Construction Projects
  • Vance J. Elliott Realty Group Office Space Finish-Out -San Marcos
  • Hot Spots Apartment Locating Office Space Finish-Out -San Marcos
  • Text Book Solutions Retail Remodel -San Marcos
  • Texas State University Office Remodel -San Marcos
  • Elite Nails & Spa Nail Salon -ew Braunfels
  • Central Texas Women's Rejuvenation Clinic Clinic Space -San Marcos
  • Encompass Office Remodel -San Marcos
  • Patton Properties Office Remodel -New Braunfels
  • RW's Pilates Studio Studio Remodel -Austin
  • SPoCT/Rheumatology: CTMC Medical Exam Space -San Marcos
  • Carter Health Care Administrative Office Finish-Out -New Braunfels
  • SM Nails Nail Salon -San Marcos
  • Scaffold Engineering Office Remodel -New Braunfels
  • Nutrishop Retail Store -San Marcos
  • Dr. Horne Dentist Office Re-furbish/Remodel -San Marcos
  • Green Tree Office Remodel -Austin
  • DataSource Office Remodel/Expansion -San Marcos


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